Hunting Adventures


All hunting on the Double Draw Ranch is provided through Gentry Creek Outfitters, LLC. 

Gentry Creek Outfitters offers limited exotic hunts year round and whitetail hunts during season to provide customers with high quality animals. Typically hunts are 4 days and 3 nights from noon on Thursday through noon on Sunday but we are flexible!  

Lodging and Meals $250 Per Hunter and Guest

What we typically provide is lodging in the barndaminium or bunkhouse, meals, one on one guide, basic trophy care including skinning and quartering of game, and a campfire to sit around and talk about the days adventure. Tips for Guides appreciated!

What you need to bring

Your personal hunting equipment and clothing, bedroll i.e.. sleeping bag or sheets and pillow, a valid Texas hunting license with appropriate stamps if hunting anything other than exotics and hogs, a cooler and ice large enough to take your meat home, and personal adult beverages (only to be  consumed at camp after hunting).  

Type of Hunting and Trophy Fees

We have a lot of trophy axis, blackbuck, and fallow (all colors) that will make gold in "records of exotics". I'm an official scorer so I know.

We have had 100% opportunity for ten years running. The success rate is 99% - 1 guy didn't kill because he went home sick the other guy missed...

We are a low quantity high quality hunting operation. Check out the animals on Facebook under Double Draw Ranch.

We hunt hard to assure your success.
You can sit in a comfortable blind with our guide, do spot and stalk, or drive around safari style until we get a shooting opportunity, or a combination of all the above whatever suits you best.

  • Axis Deer                                $2,500
  • Fallow Deer                            $2,500 Any Color
  • Chocolate, White, Spotted   $6,500 Slam all three
  • Blackbuck                               $2,500  
  • Rio Grande Turkey                1st Gobbler $300 2nd Gobbler $250 (Spring Season)
  • Hogs                                        $100 1st Hog, $75 2nd Hog, 3rd Hog Free 
  • Hogs free with exotic hunt!

  • Trophy Whitetails
    $2500 to 150"
    $5000 151 to 170
    $7500 171 to 190
    $10,000 191 to 200

Management Bucks available. Some of these have scored close to 150" but no guarantee on what we will see. 

Meat hunts are $225 for whitetail does and $325 for exotics does.

Whitetails on low fence $750 up to 8 points $1000 9 points and better. Free range exotics are $1000 for bucks.

You should be sure your gun is sighted in. There is a place to shoot to check your weapon upon arrival. Drawing Blood is considered a kill.  All possible efforts will be made to recover game.  However, we cannot be held responsible for bad shots. Dogs are available on request for an extra charge.

Other species can be arrange upon request.